Tuesday, October 22, 2013

1st Annual Tiger Trail 5K results

We want to thank all those who participated in our 5k this last Saturday.  We had about 27 runners and it was a great day.  Ken @ Findlay Hyundai provided a great start to the day with some party tunes, speaker system and starting line.  Road ID provided numbers to make us official.  Elison Financial made the race possible.  After the race, Davis Farmers Market provided fresh fruit and granola bars to the runners and spectators.  Classic Sports and Overland Petroleum donated gift cards to the winners.  We thank all our sponsors and kind businesses that supported this event!  A special SHOUT-OUT goes to our 2014 HHS Seniors who attended:  Kazden Jolley, Shania Hurst, Michael Condie, Haylee Johnson, and Krysta Allred for supporting the 5k fundraiser for Gradnight.  Kazden and Shania went the EXTRA mile and ran the race!  We couldn't have made this race happen without TONS of parent support.  A big thanks goes to the 2014 Gradnight board, Robbie Elison, Angie Prince, Deletha Heaton, Deanna Porter, and Amanda Condie.  Thanks to MONICA STEVENSON the 5k Chairperson!  Jami Curtis sponsors/donations chairperson.  Kathy Hurst volunteers.  Chris Hurst.  Joseph Elison.  Cory Condie.  Sandy Porter.  Kent and Kristen Fawcett.  Sarah Hirschi.  Boyd and Michelle Prince.  Darryl and Monica Hall.  Amy Gubler for designing the logo.  Hurricane Fire and Ambulance, Mike Bringhurst.

The results of the race:
Colt Jevne     0:23'35
James Redhouse     0:25'12
Dustin Roberts     0:25'14
Todd Condie     0:25'49
Cory Condie     0:26'15
Brianne Cahoon     0:26'42
Clay Mills     0:26'57
Layne Garner     0:27'57
Shania Hurst     0:28'18
Kazden Jolley     0:28'19
Rusty Jevne     0:28'30
Marcia Cahoon     0:29'06
Tanner Cahoon     0:29'16
Tami Hermansen     0:29'32
Madison Prince     0:29'45
Robbie Elison     0:30'05
Joe Elison     0:30'05
Martha Gubler     0:31'22
Amy Gubler     0:33'10
Angie Prince     0:33'57
Dalton Roberts     0:35'41
Micaela Roberts     0:35'41
Ethan Roberts     0:37'31
Tabitha Roberts     0:37'32
Bailey Behrmann     0:37'32
Melanie Roberts     0:39'45
Helayna Goulding     0:44'15
Rob Goulding     0:44'16
Peterson Family